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Murphy’s Training classes take place in venues across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and offer positive reward training for puppies and dogs. With years of experience, our expert trainers will ensure you build a long-lasting and good relationship with your dog - the welfare and happiness of your dog is our focus. 

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All of our tutors have completed a rigorous training programme including an accredited OCN course and they have been carefully selected based on their experience, compassion and commitment to animal welfare. We have classes throughout Belfast and the rest of Northern Ireland and have new locations opening up all the time. 

We run 2 types of classes indoors: 

  1. Puppy socialisation which is suitable for puppies from 2nd vaccination up to 25 weeks 

  2. Dog Training which is suitable for an adolescent, a rescued , an older or an untrained dog from 6 months. 

Both classes run in 5-week blocks and last 1 hour per session once a week 

If you want to check out dates and availability for puppy and dog classes in a location convenient to you, please follow the link below ‘book a class’.

All dogs will be trained using positive reinforcement and NO harsh methods. 

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Have you always wanted to own your business? Do you love working with animals? Then joining Murphy’s Dog Training could be for you! We offer flexible working hours and the opportunity to build a business with our packages and support. Murphy's Dog Training is a team of supported and professional network of dog trainers. If interested why not check out the link below 'become a trainer' for more information and see the franchising options we have available in your area.

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